#SOL – Day 1:

I am on a mission to spread good in my world.  It’s hard, it takes thought, it doesn’t always come easy…

Today, my good act idea came to me over a lunchtime Egg McMuffin and ice tea.  I forgot the delicious lunch I had packed on the kitchen counter and allowed myself a McDonald’s run.  The restaurant is right around the corner so I usually eat in my car, listening to music.  Lately, I’ve been listening to Air1…a new musical experience for me but necessary to my sanity, as my usual favorite NPR covers politics way more than I can handle, these days!  With “positive hits” on the radio and a gray and dreary sky above me, I thought about an earlier phone conversation with daughter 2.  She called earlier in the day to give me some exciting news.  Her happiness and relief flowed through that telephone and I was pleased.  Pleased for her happiness and pleased I was the person she wanted to share it with.  I was inspired to text her, so over my McMuffin, I let her know how happy her call made me.  As I typed, I realized how powerful these little, unexpected messages are.  I realized it wasn’t her news that created the happiness – it was the sharing…the connection…the warm feeling that someone was thinking of me enough to want to  share.  I completed my text to her and sent some sweet words to my mom.  It felt so wonderful, I sent more sweet words to my husband. I was thinking I might text even more people on the contact list but made myself stop.  I needed to stop, enjoy the feeling this gave me, imagine the happiness these texts might give my mom and husband, and maybe even honor the moment a little…It was GOOD…

(PS – I did hear back from each of them within minutes…my mom with a thanks and a hope we’d get together soon and my husband with an “Oh no…what happened now?  Just kidding! message.  He also sent emoji hearts.  They’re my first emoji hearts!!)




2 thoughts on “#SOL – Day 1:

  1. Doing good in our world (our personal world and the rest of the world) is so important. I enjoyed reading how the texts connected you with your world (family!). I love getting texts from my daughter especially, too. I enjoyed how you described stopping yourself and taking time to enjoy the moment.
    WELCOME to Slice of Life!


  2. As I typed, I realized how powerful these little, unexpected messages are….so inspiring. I love that it is little things that can really make our days. Thank you for sharing and reminding me of this! Happy Slicing!


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